We, women, have a magical or witchy side equipped with the power of transformation. Within each of us dwells a divine woman, who wields love, not anger or judgment, to live life to the fullest.

By awakening to this inner strength, we tap into a source of confidence and courage, and fully accept our past and present selves.

No longer slaves to fear or approval from others or any other external influences, we embody our own strength and discover that we have the power to rewrite our future through an unwavering commitment to our most authentic self.

We empower ourselves to fulfill our vast potential, making real the things we had previously only dared to imagine.

Mantra One

I am an accomplished creator – I tap into the fullness of my wisdom, brilliance and resources of my life experience to become even more powerful.

Mantra two

All life is organized around my success – I can let go of control and expectations and move to listen, curiosity and receptivity.

Mantra three

I have the power to attract the support and resources I need to manifest my vision. I am not alone, others support my success, and I am connected to an unlimited field of support.

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