Step into your leadership

Master the art of conversation and empower your management team to be autonomous while staying connected and energised. Dominique can help you become the leader you’ve always believed you could be.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”

– Mahatma Gandhi

If you want the best from your team, lead by example.

The success or failure of an organisation is a direct reflection of its people. Great leaders encourage collaboration, spark imagination and provide a fertile environment for ideas to flourish.

But, how do you change the culture of a company? How much power does a CEO or Managing Director really have when it comes to boosting morale and getting the best out of his or her management teams?


Dominique will give you the tools to recognise patterns within your organisation. She’ll open up new perspectives of situations and people’s behaviourno and coach you on how to lead the change.


Leadership starts with listening

Dominique will connect with you and listen to your aspirations. As you explore situations and search for patterns, she will show you how to switch perspective and better understand the complexities of human interaction and neurochemistry. As part of this, she will work with you to put techniques into practice to help you:

Empower  others

Give your management team the tools to work autonomously and with motivation, freeing up your time to focus on leadership.


Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials respond to structure and hierarchy differently. Discover what works for whom in your organisation.

your organisation

Discover how to recognise unhealthy patterns in your organisation and ways to address them.

Energise  your teams

Bring a fresh new enthusiasm to your workplace. Encourage new idea generation, celebrate innovation and inspire collaboration.


Enhance your soft skills in order to support your leadership style effectively. Understand which tools to use, when and why.

Improve communication

Understand how your personality can create a positive presence and engage others naturally using positive communication.

Outstanding facilitator, super professional. Her facilitation has enabled us to communicate honestly during the training

– Barbara Kubel, HR Director, The International School of Geneva


What works best for you?


If you’re struggling to have a meaningful conversation with co-workers, team members or your management , or you have the feeling of ,being overwhelmed, Dominique will help you to distance yourself from the day-to-day frustrations without losing touch with your peers. Deal effectively with tension and conflict while boosting morale.


Dominique will work alongside you to create your individual roadmap for change. Based on the latest insights in neurosciences and the art of conversational intelligence, you will learn how to interact more effectively with your team, inspire trust and create positive energy, leading to a more successful business. After the initial consultation, sessions will take place virtually.

I am a senior executive and I pretend to know something about training. Dominique’s session was exceptional because it has been very transformational for me.

– Kevin K.

Align your leadership practice 
and boost productivity

Find out how to change mindsets and channel energy effectively in order to drive your business forward.
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