You’ve probably been there too, right? Of having to create something, but getting lost along the way while feeling satisfaction.

The good intention

Yet, you do handy things. You live this feeling of doing the right thing and even think it is necessary.

For you, what you have in front of you is not yet good enough, well supplied, up-to-date enough, well thought out enough. Have you ever experienced this?

Right now, I want to start a new online video series on transformational leadership, my thing, the core of everything I’ve been doing for over twenty years.

And I am attracted by learning new nuances and validating my principles. So I read, I surf, I check, I double-check my sources, models, theories … And as I don’t find what I’m looking for, I look again.

Delightful and interesting.

Yes but, …

In reality, I’m not getting anywhere

While I was complaining [a little] to my husband about not finding anything exciting (my husband is always there when I need motivation), ask me

Have you heard of “Fantasy Games?”

No, is that an online game?

No? Fantasy? What0s that?

It’s a creativity blocker, I read that in a blog.”

Four syndromes

There are four kinds of fantasy games that inhibit creative delivery. It’s like a computer program, an algorithm that says, “If you want to create, then do this first.

And you behave as if you don’t have enough to create what you have to create.

We love its syndrome and… we get lost!

They are as follows:

  1. The knowledge syndrome
  2. The tool syndrome
  3. The process syndrome
  4. The maintenance syndrome

“In my case it is clear: I have the maintenance syndrome!

and he bursts out laughing! (he’s in IT) and you?”

Me? I confess: to store up knowledge. I prefer to read and learn than to do sports!
Learning and understanding how others think give me the impetus to understand the world, and that’s why I chose a profession to pass content.  

AND at the same time, when I have to materialize the result, I skate for a while.

Now that I’ve unmasked the Gremlins who keep pushing me to learn, I’ll have to act.

The Dom Smart, located in my executive brain, the bright part that wants me well, tells me:

You have enough references, probably too many.
I think you have everything you need to create your modules! 
Yes, you do.


Deep breath

Mantra 1:

Let go of the result, focus on the execution,

Mantras 2

Create before consuming

Now I feel a contentment from serotonin, not the ephemeral and addictive pleasure of dopamine.

Now it’s your turn!

What are you trying to produce, but are still left hanging?

What is your syndrome that loops around? More knowledge, more tools, more perfect processes, or more maintenance? Recognize your favorite pattern. Embrace it. Say thank you. And replace it. Laugh at yourself with kindness. Look the other way: do you have everything you need?

Let go of the outcome and do what you do best.

This is YOUR contribution!

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