Transform your organisation

Learn how to address communication breakdowns and lack of energy within your organisation, by harnessing group wisdom. Dominique will show you how to tap into collective knowledge to find solutions and drive results.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.””

– Henry Ford

Organisations are made up of individuals.

When you bring a diverse group of people together – from CEOs and HR directors to admin assistants, designers, sales reps and financial teams – incredible things can happen.

Look beyond the job title, see the person with their ideas and aspirations, and take the time to listen without judgment. When you tear down barriers and give everyone an equal opportunity to be heard, you will be surprised where the conversation can take you, which ideas can be generated and the enthusiasm with which people engage.


Dare to engage everybody within your organisation on a specific topic and co-create practical solutions that can really drive results.


Organisational change begins with the individual.

As the saying goes, it takes ten thousand hours of practising something to be considered an expert at it. Think of all the hours that your colleagues put into learning their professions: doing their job each and every day, attending meetings and presenting their work across the business. There are many experts within your organisation, each with his or her own unique skillset. Give them an equal voice and discover how a shared wisdom can reboot your business.

the energy

Engage everyone in your organisation towards a common vision. There is immense talent at your fingertips, ready to be channelled effectively.

Harvest group intelligence

Everyone has his or her own unique perspective on their own areas of expertise. What happens when you bring them all together? Which gaps can you now fill?


Inspire members of your organisation to work together to solve issues. Don’t look outside for solutions – the best answers come from within.

Dominique created a safe environment for the participants to feel as part of the same group with the same mission and issues.

– Barbara Kubel, HR Director


What works best for your organisation?


The world of business is continually growing and evolving, so it is essential to stay up to date on the latest research, tools and techniques. Let Dominique share with you the latest neuroscience findings and help you to restructure the workplace to bring out the very best in the people.

Large Group Emulation

If you’re not sure whether there is an issue within your team or your organisation as a whole, find out what happens when you gather everyone together in one place and encourage them to speak freely and to reflect. Get the engagement you want, by focusing on co-creation along with a shared vision.

I appreciate Dominique’s sense of humour, her sharp understanding of issues and her solution focused approach.

– Barbara Kubel, HR Director

Collective insight is powerful

Dominique will show you how to empower the individuals within your organisation and drive large-scale change, by fostering co-creation and building key relationships.
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