Women in Leadership

A leadership enhancement program for corporations that want to encourage women to bring more of their talents, presence and collaborative efforts to their workplace.

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women.”

– Michelle Obama

When women are empowered, everyone benefits.

It’s hard to be fruitful and perform under lasting stress. But that’s what women do. To acquire or achieve success at work and in life, women routinely put themselves under stress that becomes habitual. “And as with all habits” writes Claudia Welch in her book Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, we stop noticing we are doing it. We become so chronically stressed, we may not even realise it’s not our natural state.”

By helping women reduce and manage the stress in their life, we can improve their performance up to 30%.

A better future today

Dominique will work with your organisation to elevate women and encourage their professional growth. The result is an increase in productivity, a higher level of job satisfaction and a stronger workforce.


Empowering women through leadership

As a certified One of Many™ coach and Master Practitioner in neurolinguistics, Dominique has developed a series of practical solutions that help women in the business world reconnect with their inner power and be more fruitful at work.

Find balance

Boost productivity by eliminating stress due to work / life balance.

Lift confidence

Get results faster by eliminating self-doubt or a perfectionist mindset.

Be heard

Find a new perspective by encouraging women to speak up.

Define boundaries

Help women establish boundaries that improve teamwork.

Help connect

Encourage women to seek out sponsors within the organisation to learn from.

Create mentors

Women from the program will share what they have learned with others.

The training was a turning point in my personal and professional development, as it provided me with powerful tools to address stressful situations. Knowing one’s needs is the key to understanding oneself and others!

– Julie, Finance Manager


4 Ways to Ignite Feminine Leadership in the corporate world

12-Week 1-On-1 Coaching

This 12-week coaching program empowers women to reach their next level of greatness. Each week we’ll tackle major obstacles that prevent them from moving forward in their role and career. Since roadblocks differ from one woman to the next, coaching sessions are customised to get results faster.

6 month Group Coaching

If breaking down silos is an issue in your organisation this coaching solution could help break down the barriers that prevent your team from achieving greatness. These virtual group coaching sessions last 75 minutes and consist of learning by peer-coaching and collaboration to transform your organisation.

2-day group mentoring

Many women lack the nessacary opportunities in the workplace to share, learn and practice with their female peers – which is key to retaining talent. This 2-day program helps to create close relationships, provide a safe space for dialogue and building a network of like-minded colleagues inside your corporation.

60 minute after-lunch keynotes

One of the biggest challenges for working women is maintaining a healthy mix of business and personal life activities. Many women find themselves emotionally depleted which can have serious consequences. Our presentations can make a significant difference by exploring how to achieve a more fulfilling balance.

Dominique helped me step out of my comfort zone and give up on my unnecessary perfectionism and worries. I now feel entirely at ease in my leadership, and I have tools and resources to let go of superwoman.  

– Aurelie, Banking Senior Manager

Empower your female leaders and improve performance

Find out how to change mindsets and channel energy effectively in order to drive your business forward.

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