Engage your teams

A variety of skills, personalities and working styles make up your team. Dominique can help you embrace difference of opinion and turn tensions into collaboration.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

– Mattie Stepanek

To effectively communicate as a team, you first need to build trust.

Collaboration isn’t about systems and technology; it is opening up lines of communication between individuals and teams, driving passion and a shared desire to achieve goals together.

Often, when teams aren’t communicating well, there is an underlying trust issue. Perhaps people are scared that someone else will take credit for their hard work, or there is an element of unhealthy competition between colleagues. Sometimes there is an issue within the management team, resulting in people feeling undervalued or anxious.

Human beings are naturally social

They thrive on connection and a feeling of belonging. During critical periods, Dominique can help you re-establish vital connections in the relationships.


Team engagement begins with conversation

Conversation isn’t just about talking; it’s a matter of connection. Learn the art of truly listening to others and understanding the neurochemical impact, both yours and theirs. Teams that hold meaningful conversations will have higher morale, a more supportive atmosphere and greater commercial success.
Step 1

Honest conversation

Start by listening to others as they talk about their aspirations; discuss disagreement, associated feelings and blind spots . Then ask questions for which you do not have the answer. Be curious. This stage is about being open and honest.

Step 2

Trust assessment

Dominique will then assess the team’s level of trust, profile the results and discuss the implications with you. Based on the patterns observed, she will help you process the neurochemical impact on relationships.

Step 3

Cultural shift

A culture shift starts with human beings. For a team to move forward, everyone must be aware that there are different levels of conversations, which impact others in different ways. With this knowledge, the team will evolve naturally and will create new interactive dynamics, leading to a cultural shift.

Until now I was scared not to be good enough. You changed the way I see and perceive myself. I will now speak up for sure.

– Caroline V.


What works best for your team?


Dominique will create the right environment to open up lines of communication within your team and resolve issues that from the outside seem impossible to navigate. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of optimism, unity and determination.

Change programme

It is possible to change the unhealthy culture of an organisation by dissecting situations and understanding negative communicative patterns. Reduce negativity and boost collaboration as you discover more about neuroscience and how to harness human connections.

Video coaching

Do you feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day? If you manage time and energy effectively, it’s possible to reduce stress, while improving team morale and productivity. Video coaching sessions with Dominique can be scheduled flexibly to help you move forward.

Become a mentor

Are you responsible for maintaining team morale in order to drive the business forward? Dominique can elevate key employees into effective in-house coaches.

You convinced me that I can develop my charisma by being who I am instead of playing a role and I’m so grateful for that. Great workshop, great quality, great interaction among the people.

– Eric P.

Happy team, successful business

Learn how to communicate effectively by holding honest conversations with your team, bring out the best in others and work towards a common goal.
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