You want to be happy, and you spend your evenings catching up on your work emails.

You know it doesn’t allow you to rest and relax, and you convince yourself that it’s necessary to maintain your professional reputation and meet your bosses’ expectations. 💪

You know you need to rest and recharge, and you convince yourself that it’s selfish and that you should rather double your efforts to clean up that cellar, go to the dump and empty the dead wine bottles that are overflowing from the big box.

You know it would make you feel better about yourself and improve your physical vitality, and you convince yourself that it would just take too much time and be too difficult to fit into your already busy schedule.

And you’re so tired!

Isn’t there something squeaky there? 😶

Ose. Décide. Vas-y.

Tu n’es pas toute seule à faire ce constat.

Dorénavant, donne-toi la permission de te mettre en priorité numéro une.

Putting yourself as priority number one does not mean being selfish.
On the opposite, it is an act of love 🧡 towards yourself and also others.

By taking the time to recharge, relax and refocus, you will move the lines in your life.

You will improve your mental health, your vitality, and your ability to handle professional and everyday challenges.

You need to take time out from the traintrain🚋, do more of what you love and that brings you joy plus energy.

⭐ Life Work Brillance Ensemble⭐ this program ( in French) might as well inspire you to become who you really are.

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