Self-Directed E-Learning Program

For you who is aiming for a Life-Work Brilliance

A very unique e-learning course designed
for the woman in search of serenity, strength and prosperity
in their professional and private life.

« It’s horrible, I feel like I am failing in every way! »

“For some time now, I’ve been disappointed in myself. I realize that I’ve been telling myself stories and that, in fact, I’m not good enough. It frustrates me and makes me sad at the same time. At the slightest annoyance, I find myself tearing up. I’m ashamed, because it’s not me to be like that! I put on weight but I stopped exercising. Too much work.  I’m very sensitive. As a result, I can become super aggressive, impatient, irritated and I get angry, particularly with my family. I hate myself when I’m like that, but I don’t know where to find satisfaction anymore.”

– Carole, Senior Logistic manager

Like Carole, you may not be feeling well, as if you were carrying a burden,
as if the things of life have loaded your backpack.
Do you recognize yourself in the following situations??

Pauline, a graduate, “intern” for 18 months, has not been able to obtain a salary increase or a fixed-term contract. Her boss systematically avoids the conversation, claiming that this is not the right time. HR hears her but sends her back to her manager. She doesn’t dare leave for fear of finding nothing.

Eli must truly take care of herself if she hopes for a successful fertilization. Now, she has seized the opportunity to manage a strategic international project that gives her visibility with management, but consumes her evenings. Her sweetheart challenges her on her true life intentions and she can no longer sleep, torn by an impossible choice.

Chloe is afraid to be on the list of those who might be fired for lack of performance. But she knew that her goals were impossible to achieve, as everybody was aware. She sees signs and picks up attitudes from her boss who doesn’t predict anything positive. Her appetite for work is in freefall.

“Learn to release your mental weight with kindness and you will find serenity and brilliance to move forward on your journey”


– Dominique Ara


I created this e-learning module with all the women I have coached in mind. I have gathered the best of the best, a digest of everything I have encountered that I have found to be effective and that I have applied to myself.


A brilliant life, as you desire it,
at work and in everyday life

As a certified coach and One of Many™ certified trainer, Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I have developed a series of practical modules that will help you reconnect with your inner power, find serenity in your daily life
and be more fruitful at work..

At the end and as you do the exercises you will feel…


You will be able to make the choices related to what really matters to you.


You will know whenever you need it, how to connect from within to your inner vitality and joy.


You will be able to be discerning and speak up when appropriate.


You will be able to set boundaries and define your space and set limits by putting your priorities first.


You will be able to produce the effects you expect with the resources you have at your disposal.


You’ll feel proud of the transformations and the progress you’ve made
every day.

“I was tired of my job, I was coming out of a near burnout and thought I should quit my job. Dominique’s program made me realize that I didn’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water. By learning how to use my resources, I was able to change the way I perceived my situation and talk to my hierarchy about what I needed to stay. I started my business while keeping my job, without feeling hostage to either of them. In addition, my relationship with our children has changed radically, with stress replacing joy and kindness.
I have regained my vitality”..

– Mathilde, Finance Manager and Parental Coach

Here’s a preview of a module

The program clearly helped me to give up my perfectionism and let go of my useless ruminations. I now feel very comfortable in my role as a leader. The relationship with my team has become fruitful and I have the tools and resources to get rid of my “superwoman”.

– Aurelie,  Senior Manager, Banking

Strengthen your abilities, live the life you dream of.

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