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Leaders eat feedback for breakfast! Become great at it!

Discover the People’s Performance Development Framework. This framework will ease your and team’s members life by bringing clarity.

Setting expectation upfront is the key to everyone’s success! discover how to that properly.

The excellence feedback is the most underrated yet the ones that have the biggest impact on people. So, learn how to formulate it !

You may have a fair idea on how to give developmental feedback, Why don’t you try this formula? Short, balanced, and straight to the point!

Aiming for a life Work Brilliance? Follow your flow!

Life Work Brilliance is an online course made especially for women to increase their inner power. 

When you know the 3 components of self-esteem, you’ll be able to get your hands on what you need to work on to live a ⭐Life-Work Brilliance⭐! (in French)

Nothing better than writing the morning pages to connect with yourself and show compassion and caring.  No, this is not a narrative journal. Discover the difference! It is a tool that cultivates self-love ?. (in French)

I’m sure you’ve met those cousins who make you do and say things you regret… But at the same time, you don’t know how to stop them. So here’s a way to start dealing with them. ? (in French)

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