Elevating virtual team effectiveness

More and more managers and leaders that I coach are finding themselves working in virtual teams and are not quite happy with the outcomes.

You have been there.  You know the situation, right?
Compared with the invested time and energy, managers and even team members are not quite happy with the outcomes while working in virtual teams. 

For the company, the intent is to assemble a dream team, boasting broad and deep competences, talents and influence power to transform non-efficient patterns into business results such the launch of a new category product on the market on time.

The concept is very appealing, but the reality contrasts sharply. How many times have you been disappointed, even disengaged while trying to collaborate virtually?

The stats are shocking, as you will discover in the video. 

There is a serious gap between the way physically present teams crew relate, emulate, and work, compared to virtual teams. Multiple geographical regions, time zones, different intentions, ambitions, different cultures and an epidemic of perceived ‘lack of time’, prevent people from truly connect.

Managers feel helpless while cursing the inevitable ‘storming phase’. A team is much more than a transactional information-sharing system using an electronic platform to exchange knowledge and decisions.

How can a leader build a robust online team anchored in trust and co-development?  Can every member of the team be aware of the pitfalls before starting to deliver results?

Our 6-step process consolidates and reinforces a virtual team spirit and enhances team efficiency. We educate leaders on Conversational Intelligences® and basic of applied neuroscience to help them understanding what is at stake while communications. Learn with us how to fulfil organizational potential through elevating virtual team effectiveness. Schedule a meeting here.


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